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Venezuelan Government vows to "fight speculation"

Venezuela's Minister of Industries Ricardo Menéndez denounced "cowardly campaigns launched by some sectors of the oligarchy," against the adjustment in the foreign exchange rate

Tuesday February 12, 2013  04:26 PM
Venezuela's Minister of Industries Ricardo Menéndez said that the Venezuelan Government "will fight against speculation and speculators," once the new foreign exchange rate enters into force as announced on Friday by government officials.

The minister denounced "cowardly campaigns launched by some sectors of the oligarchy," against the recent monetary adjustment. Menéndez claimed that the decision to devalue the local currency was based on "sovereignty, and it is different from the decisions made in the 1990s," when the Venezuelan governments "kneeled down before the International Monetary Fund (IMF)." 

Menéndez also outlined the different projects on "productive development" that will continue or will be kicked off in Guyana's basic industries (southeast Venezuela). He stressed that significant resources for this purpose both in bolivars and US dollars have been already approved at the meeting of the Council of Ministers held last Friday.

Translated by Jhean Cabrera
Gagging Twitter users

Pablo Jiménez Guaricuco was summarily dismissed from his Clerk III job at the Autonomous Service of Public Registries and Notaries' Offices (Saren). He read a notice published in a newspaper on November 5 informing the public that he was no longer employed to the Saren. He was sacked despite the fact that he was taking a leave of absence from work due to a work-related accident, and that he enjoyed security of employment under the parental job-immunity privilege. Most probably, the decision was influenced by his role as a union organizer. But what did he do, besides leading protests, to deserve the sack? Well, he allegedly sent off a series of tweets that definitely hurt the sensitivity of the Saren Directorate.

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