05:04 PM


Venezuela and Colombia make progress in fight against smuggling

Colombian and Venezuelan authorities met in Táchira state, southwest Venezuela
Until now, 136 people have been detained, including 21 officers of the Venezuelan Armed Forces, and they remain in custody "for their involvement with smuggling mafias"
02:50 PM


Venezuelan oil sales to the US down to 747,000 bpd in June

Venezuela's exports of oil and byproducts in January-June averaged (...)
Based on the figures of the US Department of Energy
02:32 PM


Overlooking Caracas from up above

Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles can take videos and photographs (...)
The Venezuelan capital city has a life of its own. A flight over the city provides images of the metropolis from a unique perspective: from an unmanned aerial vehicle, we got a view of Caracas' buildings, traffic jams and the Avila Mountain
01:08 PM


Chevron weighs the purchase of one of Citgo's refineries

Citgo's assets have been assessed at USD 15 billion (File photo)
Chevron might be interested in buying the Corpus Christi refinery, owned by Citgo, a US-based subsidiary of Venezuelan oil giant Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa)
12:48 PM


Serious shortage of supplies for diagnostic tests in Venezuela

In an interview with radio station Unión Radio, the president of the Federation of the Associations of Bioanalysts asserted that in addition to special reagents, shortages of kits for collecting samples and reagents for routine tests have been reported

12:27 PM


Hemorrhagic fever syndrome kills another patient in Venezuela

The patient died at the Maracay's Central Hospital, in north central (...)
Frank Gonzalo Fossi died on Sunday, 72 hours after being admitted to the Maracay's Central Hospital in north central Aragua state, his relatives reported
12:14 PM


Official figures: Dengue fever exceeds 2,000 cases a week in Venezuela

The use of mosquito nets is a preventive measure (File photo)
Additionally, 55,970 cases of malaria have been reported so far this year in Venezuela
11:59 AM


Venezuelan FM: We are heading for a revolutionary State

Rafael Ramírez, the new Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela (...)
"We will yield not a single millimeter in Venezuela-US relationship"
11:34 AM


Venezuelan fuel sold at USD 6.36 per liter at the border with Colombia

Despite anti-smuggling measures, fuel resale continues
10:53 AM



On the Venezuelan-Colombian border

Gasoline smuggling, big business on the border

Smuggling has turned into a business model to communities on the (...)
Venezuela's subsidy on gasoline has become an incentive to those who have turned smuggling into a business model. Twenty liters of fuel bought in Venezuela at VEB 1.94 (USD 0.30) at any gas station can be sold at VEB 800 (USD 127) on the border, given the forex exchange differential with Colombia. Authorities estimate that some 50,000-100,000 barrels (...)