03:15 PM


Recovery of ex-police chief Simonovis "is to take a while"

Simonovis suffers from more than 19 diseases (Reuters)
The wife of Venezuelan former police chief Iván Simonovis, María del Pilar (Bony) Pertiñez informed that a schedule of medical tests had been submitted to judge Vanina Gómez Malagutti, for her to approve Simonovis' transfers from his home to the hospital
01:30 PM


Bank of America positive about Venezuela's payment capacity

BofA estimates the Venezuelan public sector holds some USD 9.6 (...)
Debt service in October amounts to USD 5.7 billion
12:51 PM


Opposition governor urges resumption of political-economic talks

Governor Henry Falcón said he hoped MUD a new executive secretary (...)
State governor Henry Falcón applauded the return of the opposition coalition to the streets for actions without engaging in "anarchy or guarimbas (street protests)
12:37 PM


Excerpts of column "Runrunes" (Rumors) of Tuesday, September 30

Nothing would be to the direct benefit of Venezuela

10:11 AM


National Disarmament Plan not aimed at criminal gangs

The minister of the interior and justice granted 20 scholarships to (...)
Fifty fire arms were delivered on the first day
10:00 AM



Against dengue and chikungunya

President Maduro allocates USD 739 million for medical supplies

President Maduro gave a report of dengue and chikungunya cases (...)
"Until now, (...) only 634 cases of chikungunya have been found nationwide"