06:22 PM


Capriles: Gov't wants to fill the fiscal gap with fuel price increase

Capriles said the current economic model has failed (File photo: Venancio Alcázares)
Miranda state governor Henrique Capriles highlighted the need to reactivate local production for overcoming the crisis
06:07 PM



According to Freedom House

Venezuela regarded as a model of political and economic dysfunction

In its annual report on freedom in the world, NGO Freedom House stated that the amount of political prisoners had increased in Venezuela in 2014

05:40 PM



Market sources said

Citgo offers USD 1.5 billion in bonds due in 2020

The loan will be secured by USD 750 million in Citgo's midstream (...)
Yield estimated at 10% - 11%
05:13 PM


Venezuelan gov't to speed up imports of staples

The government will accelerate drug imports (File photo: Venancio (...)
Foodstuffs, drugs, surgical materials, among others, will be prioritized
04:47 PM



The MUD's executive secretary said

"Emotional relation between grass-root chavistas and the gov't is gone"

"We have come to Europe to say that Venezuela is a great country with (...)
Torrealba predicted a possible victory of the opposition in the parliamentary election of 2015
04:10 PM


López asks Pastrana, Piñera to keep on supporting the Venezuelan endeavor

Lilian Tintori handed over her husband's letter to ex Colombian (...)
The leader of opposition Voluntad Popular party forwarded a letter to former Colombia's President Andrés Pastrana, through his wife, Lilian Tintori
04:01 PM


The government's truth

Things we see and hear are not real. They are an invention resulting from sort of drug which in form of cloud has laid down on Venezuela

03:58 PM


Venezuelan newspaper to close daily edition on February 27

Owned by Teodoro Petkoff, Venezuelan daily Tal Cual was created 15 years ago, in the beginning of late President Hugo Chávez's administration (1999-2013). Besides business-related reasons, the newspaper claimed in a communiqué that it faces "systematic harassment by the government" of President Nicolás Maduro and its followers

02:50 PM


Cabello: Salazar will have to prove what he said

According to Congress Speaker Diosdado Cabello, Leamsy Salazar was (...)
In the parliamentarian's words, he would notice an unusual behavior in Salazar last June
01:42 PM


Congress VP: "US embassy offered me money to betray Chávez"

Elvis Amoroso stated that the United States has always offered money (...)
The first vice-president of the Venezuelan National Assembly (AN) Elvis Amoroso pointed out that the "embassy of the American empire on many occasions has called us offering us money to denounce (the Venezuelan government) for different reasons"