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Official figures: Dengue fever exceeds 2,000 cases a week in Venezuela

The use of mosquito nets is a preventive measure (File photo)
Dengue fever cases continue to rise in Venezuela. The epidemiological report issued by the Venezuelan Ministry of Health shows that only between August 24 and August 30, a total of 2,261 probable cases of dengue fever were detected.
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Venezuelan FM: We are heading for a revolutionary State

Rafael Ramírez, the new Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela (...)
Rafael Ramírez, recently appointed Vice-President for Political Affairs and Minister of Foreign Affairs, has promised Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro all his support to make the necessary changes for the so-called "shake," including his departure as president of state-run oil holding Pdvsa.
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Venezuelan fuel sold at USD 6.36 per liter at the border with Colombia

Illicit gasoline trade near the Venezuela-Colombia border is under no control. Purchase and sale of gasoline is carried out in daylight in front of everybody.