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Venezuelan gov't ask businesses to lend it a hand

Venezuelan Vice-President Jorge Arreaza gave assurances for the government support (@ViceVenezuela)
The Venezuelan government and businesses held on Wednesday a meeting in the context of the National Peace Economic Conference. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro would join the gathering later.
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Panama waits for the good timing to resume talks with Venezuela

Panamanian Foreign Minister: "Panama has never meddled in the (...)
Panamanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Francisco Álvarez de Soto said on Wednesday that his country is "with her hands extended," waiting for the good timing to resume talks with Venezuela.
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A total of 3,192 people killed in the first quarter in Venezuela

Local police corps and the Bolivarian National Armed Force will take (...)
A total of 3,192 murders were reported in the first quarter, according to figures disclosed by the Venezuelan Ministry of the Interior, Justice, and Peace.
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Venezuelan gov't-opposition meet again on Thursday

Still a couple of meetings is slated: one with students and one with (...)
The following session between the Venezuelan government and the opposition coalition has been scheduled for Thursday, April 24, reported the Executive Secretary of the opposition Unified Democratic Panel (MUD), Ramón Guillermo Aveledo. According to him, this and ensuing meetings will be not aired on obligatory simultaneous broadcast for reasons of (...)