CARACAS, Sunday December 16, 2012 | Update

Elías Jaua: State vote is strategic for political stability in Venezuela

The pro-government candidate for the governor's office of Miranda state said he was happy about the turnout of ruling party's members in said state

The former executive vice-president invited people to vote early in the morning as rain is expected in the afternoon (Photo: TV screen capture)
Sunday December 16, 2012  01:29 PM
Elías Jaua, the ruling party United Socialist Party of Venezuela's candidate for governor of Miranda state, described as "strategic" the vote for governor's offices taking place in Venezuela on Sunday, adding that the country needs leaders "who comply with the Constitution."

He stressed that on Sunday "Venezuelan political stability" is at stake.

The former executive vice-president said he was happy about the turnout of ruling party's members in Miranda state.

Is protest over?

That political protest in Venezuela has lost momentum seems pretty obvious: people are no longer building barricades to block off streets near Plaza Francia in Altamira (eastern Caracas), an anti-government stronghold; no new images have been shown of brave and dashing protesters with bandanna-covered faces clashing with the National Guard in San Cristóbal, in the western state of Táchira; and those who dreamed of a horde of "Gochos" (Tachirans) descending  in an avalanche to stir up revolt in Caracas have been left with no option but to wake up to reality.

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fotter Estampas