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Nomination of municipal candidates on April 11-15

Tibisay Lucena reported that the National Electoral Council (CNE) resolved to extend the appointment of the poll workers chosen for the ballots of 2012 to 2013

Municipal election will be held on July 14 (Photo: TV screen capture)
Tuesday January 29, 2013  04:03 PM
Tibisay Lucena, the president of the National Electoral Council (CNE) maintained on Tuesday that the election for mayors and city hall members would be held on Monday, July 14. She also said that the cut-off date for the register of voters was set at February 15.

Lucena pointed out that the nomination of the candidates was slated for April 11-15, whereas the campaign may be conducted from June 12 through July 11.

The senior authority notified as well that the CNE resolved to extend the incumbency of the poll workers chosen for the polls of 2012 until 2013.  She promised to post the news on major domestic newspapers.

Summary of 2012

Lucena said that an assessment made by the CNE found that 2012 "was a year of successes." She underscored that the changes made to the Comprehensive Authentication System (SAI) and the ballot were welcome by voters.
Living with HIV/AIDS (II)

At first she agreed that I use her real name, that she had no problems with that at all. After all, living with HIV had driven her to help others – as a workshop facilitator giving talks and conducting seminars, or as a volunteer for local AIDS Service Organizations like Acción Solidaria (Solidary Action) and Mujeres Unidas por la Salud (Women United for Health, or Musa), a support group network for HIV-positive women. But when we were well into the interview, the realization that she might lose her private health insurance coverage made her change her mind.

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