CARACAS, Wednesday February 12, 2014 | Update
STUDENT DEMONSTRATIONS | Rally in the morning

Venezuelan students: "the more repression, the more streets"

Student leaders have reported on more than 150 wounded from the beginning of protests

Over the past few days 11 students have been detained in the states of Táchira and Nueva Esparta (File photo)
Wednesday February 12, 2014  02:47 PM
"The more repression, the more streets students will have," student leader Tamy Suárez said. For her part, Gaby Arellano added: "All such government pressure, rather than cornering us will give us more strength to go out and speak up."

The activists made such warning during a rally slated for Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. at Plaza Venezuela, eastern Caracas. Later, at 11:00 a.m., they would head for the Attorney General Office, downtown Caracas. There, they would read over a paper to Attorney General Luisa Ortega Díaz to ask for the release of 11 students detained over the past few days.

On the Youth Day, students would also request cessation of impunity and violence "caused by true criminals." Student leaders Juan Requesens, Gaby Arellano and Tamy Suárez agreed on refusing the action of armed collectives on Tuesday in the Andean state of Mérida and Caracas, the capital city.

"We ask for reinforced security in universities and the country. Rather than chasing scoundrels, they go after students. Stop repression. As many as 150 youngsters have been wounded since student protests began," claimed Requesens, also the president of the University Student Federation, Central University of Venezuela.
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