CARACAS, Thursday February 13, 2014 | Update

NTN24 CEO: It is an affront to freedom of expression

Claudia Gurisatti, the director of the Colombian TV channel that was removed from the grid of cable operators on Wednesday, vowed to file a complaint at all organizations which advocate freedom of expression and human rights

The journalist voiced her position (File photo)
Thursday February 13, 2014  01:58 PM
Colombian TV channel NTN24, aired in Venezuela on cable TV, was taken off the air on Wednesday in Venezuela, directors of the TV channel claimed after terming the action "censorship against free press."

The signal stopped being broadcast in Venezuela during the reports on demonstrations in Caracas and several Venezuelan cities. Demonstrations had been convened by the Venezuelan opposition in protest against the government of President Nicolás Maduro. Three people were killed and 24 were injured.

In a communiqué, the CEO of NTN24, Claudia Gurisatti, said that the action is "openly censorship of free press, an affront to citizens' right to be informed and an attack on freedom of expression."

The action, Gurisatti said, would be reported "at all the organizations that advocate freedom of expression and human rights," Efe quoted.
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